Teacher profession in the world's most healthy

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 Florida researchers say it is because the teaching profession more than just a job, but it is a calling. The teachers say that what they are doing is fun because it directly related to the people and the environment.
The Gallup-Healthyways Well-Being Index conduct large-scale surveys to determine the relationship between the profession and the health level. By using the definition of health from the world health body (WHO), namely physical, mental and social health and welfare, researchers found that teachers are the most healthy profession.
"We also through the difficult moments in the field of education. But a good teacher always has a reason to continue to carry out their profession without being able to be understood by others," said Ned Oistacher, a teacher from Pompano Beach High School, as quoted Sunsentinel business.
Since June 2008 until July 2009, researchers conducted a survey of 180 000 professionals working worldwide to evaluate their lives. Ranging from access to food, emotional health, behavior or bad habits such as smoking, exercise and diet, work environment and physical health.
From the survey it was found that teachers are professionals who have a level of mental health and behavior of the most high, with a score of 71.7 percent. Secrets that make teachers stay healthy is the environment that is always associated with young people.
"Teaching is a calling to help others. If I look at it as a job, I probably will not want to do it. But hanging out with young kids makes me feel young and stay fit and healthy," said Dennis Judy, a teacher who has taught for 17 years in the Hollywood Hills High School.
Environment that is always filled with joy and excitement is a factor that can eliminate the stress of work. So no wonder the teaching profession is a profession that most healthy because many are surrounded by people full of cheer and high spirits.

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