Stress and Nutrition

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Stress because humans have a bad habit of doing. Such as eating and drinking are not regular. Drinking caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and smoking. Caffein can accelerate the absorption of sugar from the blood, most of them drinking alcohol to increase high blood pressure, cirrhosis and hepatitis alcoholic and risk of oral cancer, throat, and esophagus increases. If stress affected the human immune system are decreasing consequently the body can not withstand the attack viruses, radiation, bacteria, chemicals, and gas and environmental stress.We must try to overcome stress, the best defense is to stress a healthy body with a network that contains the nutrients optimally. Namely by choosing unprocessed foods such as wheat, beans, and peas. Beans and peas is a source of iron. consume fish, chicken and lean meat. many minimal to provide fluids to sell and help the kidneys to remove waste products. In addition we need physical exercise with a stroll to eliminate tension and improve the natural feelings .

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