Information about sinusitis dose should we know

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The cause of sinusitis is extremely disturbing our health is caused by several agents. Colds, the main cause of increased duration of acute sinusitis. virus in the wild. fungal sinusitis, which apparently came from bacterial sinusitis strong, basically caused by different species of fungi. The more common types of sinusitis and a majority of all patients are affected bacterial sinusitis. Type sinusitis which is the root of the growth in the channel because of the nose and sinus mucus that develops very good condition for the development of bacteria.

Teacher profession in the world's most healthy

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 Florida researchers say it is because the teaching profession more than just a job, but it is a calling. The teachers say that what they are doing is fun because it directly related to the people and the environment.
The Gallup-Healthyways Well-Being Index conduct large-scale surveys to determine the relationship between the profession and the health level. By using the definition of health from the world health body (WHO), namely physical, mental and social health and welfare, researchers found that teachers are the most healthy profession.
"We also through the difficult moments in the field of education. But a good teacher always has a reason to continue to carry out their profession without being able to be understood by others," said Ned Oistacher, a teacher from Pompano Beach High School, as quoted Sunsentinel business.

Chocolate for health benefit

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The word chocolate comes from xocoatl (Aztec language) which means a bitter drink. Aztecs and Maya in Mexico believe that god of Agriculture has sent a chocolate that comes from heaven to them. Cortes then took him to Spain between the years 1502-1528, and by the Spaniards bitter drink was mixed the sugar so that it tasted better. Chocolate and then spread to France, Holland and England. In the year 1765 chocolate factory was established in Massachusetts, United States.
In its development is not only a beverage chocolate but also become the preferred snack of children, adolescents, and adults. Besides it felt good, ate chocolate making age a person becomes longer. An epidemiological study has been conducted at Harvard University students who enrolled between the years 1916 to 1950. By using a food frequency questionnaire gathered information about the habits of eating candy or chocolate at Harvard University students.

100 sites from the Woman's Health Magazine

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The contents of this site I get a list of Woman's Health Magazine. They issued this edition for the year 2008. Here you can find fitness places around the world, receive advice on places to ride a bike route each of you, make their own perfume, make their own rugs and more usability.
Fun deh Anyway, why not try. Please ... ..

Milk for the Healthy

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Benefits of milk had no doubt. Almost all the nutrients contained in milk is good quality. Protein and fat soluble properties of milk has a high digestibility. Vitamins and minerals, milk is relatively complete.

Milk can be consumed in various forms. There's nothing fresh or processed form, such as powdered milk or condensed milk. Humans are also consuming milk from milk-containing food products, such as cheese, ice cream, and yogurt.

However, there are still differences of opinion about the consumption of this milk. No group has claimed that the consumption of milk every day is not good for health, especially vascular diseases such as narrowing of blood vessels. The argument is, milk increase blood cholesterol levels become a risk factor for heart disease. Secondly, there is a positive relationship between average milk production per-capita with deaths from heart disease in some countries.

Stress and Nutrition

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Stress because humans have a bad habit of doing. Such as eating and drinking are not regular. Drinking caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and smoking. Caffein can accelerate the absorption of sugar from the blood, most of them drinking alcohol to increase high blood pressure, cirrhosis and hepatitis alcoholic and risk of oral cancer, throat, and esophagus increases. If stress affected the human immune system are decreasing consequently the body can not withstand the attack viruses, radiation, bacteria, chemicals, and gas and environmental stress.We must try to overcome stress, the best defense is to stress a healthy body with a network that contains the nutrients optimally. Namely by choosing unprocessed foods such as wheat, beans, and peas. Beans and peas is a source of iron. consume fish, chicken and lean meat. many minimal to provide fluids to sell and help the kidneys to remove waste products. In addition we need physical exercise with a stroll to eliminate tension and improve the natural feelings .

Food taboos for breastfeeding mothers

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The mothers who are breastfeeding should be careful when consuming food. Because of food consumed by breastfeeding mothers will also be consumed by children who were breastfed. Many foods that adults should not be consumed by toddlers.Isotonic drinksThese drinks usually contain sodium, calcium, potassium and substances the body needs the other. But if consumed when the body is not doing heavy physical activity, then the ion content in these drinks does not give positive effect.
AlcoholAlcohol, including types of unhealthy beverages that are not recommended for consumption, either pregnant or lactating mothers. Alcohol content is shown to provide negative effects for the body.
Food preservatives were / dyeHazardous substances commonly used in foods such as textile dyes such as Rhodamine B, which affect yellow methanyl cause liver dysfunction to cancer.Artificial sweetener consumed excessively in the long term can cause bladder cancer. Harmful preservatives such as formaldehyde and borax are widely used in meatballs, noodles, tofu. Once chloramphenicol to preserve shrimp.

Brain Function

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In the process of remembering, the brain plays a big role. The brain can be divided over the left brain and right brain. Left brain functions associated with logic, numbers, writing, intelligence, count, analyze, and for short-term memory (short term memory). While we user right brain for creativity, imagination, music, colors, shapes, emotions, and for long-term memory (long term memory).


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What is the optimism or optimistic attitude? Optimism is a good attitude always have hope in everything and a tendency to expect a pleasant outcome. Optimism can also be interpreted to think positive. So the optimism is more of a paradigm or way of thinking.

When a failure or pressures of life, how he feels an optimist? A positive-minded optimists or think does not consider failure is permanent. This does not mean that he is reluctant to accept reality. Instead, he received and examined the problem. Then, as far as circumstances permit, he acts to alter or improve the situation.

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