Food taboos for breastfeeding mothers

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The mothers who are breastfeeding should be careful when consuming food. Because of food consumed by breastfeeding mothers will also be consumed by children who were breastfed. Many foods that adults should not be consumed by toddlers.Isotonic drinksThese drinks usually contain sodium, calcium, potassium and substances the body needs the other. But if consumed when the body is not doing heavy physical activity, then the ion content in these drinks does not give positive effect.
AlcoholAlcohol, including types of unhealthy beverages that are not recommended for consumption, either pregnant or lactating mothers. Alcohol content is shown to provide negative effects for the body.
Food preservatives were / dyeHazardous substances commonly used in foods such as textile dyes such as Rhodamine B, which affect yellow methanyl cause liver dysfunction to cancer.Artificial sweetener consumed excessively in the long term can cause bladder cancer. Harmful preservatives such as formaldehyde and borax are widely used in meatballs, noodles, tofu. Once chloramphenicol to preserve shrimp.

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